Health Care

Health care providers recognize they can rely on US-Tech Cloud Solutions as a trusted partner with extensive telecommunications experience dealing with the unique business challenges they face.

Health care providers continue to face increased expectations and evolving demands from their patients, to keep up with the newest telecom services. In today’s world, visiting patients via face to face web calls and digital communication is considered the new standard. Health care professionals can turn to US-Tech Cloud Solutions for affordable communication technologies, designed to meet HIPAA regulations, that helps them better serve their patients and address their needs. Our solution provides secure video calls, automatic voice response, advanced time based call routing to emergency answering services,  appointment reminder by text and automated calls, nested greeting systems and much more.

  • Advanced video collaboration solutions.

  • Safe and secure  communications.

  • Easy time-based call routing to after hour messaging service.

  • Text message anbd appointment reminder service.

  • Advanced greeting system and call center solution. 

Discover how our communication solutions can increase your productivity and reduce your business costs.