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Contact Center: Feature & Functionality

Contact Center: Customer Engagement Solutions

Intelligent Call Routing

  • IVR/ACD data-driven

  • Skill based

  • Team based

  • Business unit-based

Omni-Channel Customer Engagement

  • Voice (STT, IVR, ACD, TTS)

  • Email (Queue)

  • Web (Live Chat, Web CBIQ)

  • SMS/MMS 

Inbound & Outbound Automation

  • Self Service IVR for caller queries

  • Outbound IVR for customer outreach & reminders

Call Recording

  • Includes scoring ability

  • No storage limit

  • Searchable via a number of criteria

Workforce Management 

  • Agent scheduling 

  • Forecasting using call history 

  • PTO & workflow management 

  • Remote workforce management

Database & CRM Intergration

  • Custom database integration

  • CRM integration for real-time customer data screen pops

Real-time Monitoring and Reporting

  • Robust reporting with over 50 canned reports

  • Interactive dashboard reporting

Historical Reporting

  • Queue performance

  • Agent performance

  • Media performance

  • IVR & survey details

Discover how our communication solutions can increase your productivity and reduce your business costs. 

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