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Contact Center: Feature & Functionality

Contact Center: Customer Engagement Solutions

Intelligent Call Routing

  • IVR/ACD data-driven

  • Skill based

  • Team based

  • Business unit-based

Omni-Channel Customer Engagement

  • Voice (STT, IVR, ACD, TTS)

  • Email (Queue)

  • Web (Live Chat, Web CBIQ)

  • SMS/MMS 

Inbound & Outbound Automation

  • Self Service IVR for caller queries

  • Outbound IVR for customer outreach & reminders

Call Recording

  • Includes scoring ability

  • No storage limit

  • Searchable via a number of criteria

Workforce Management 

  • Agent scheduling 

  • Forecasting using call history 

  • PTO & workflow management 

  • Remote workforce management

Database & CRM Intergration

  • Custom database integration

  • CRM integration for real-time customer data screen pops

Real-time Monitoring and Reporting

  • Robust reporting with over 50 canned reports

  • Interactive dashboard reporting

Historical Reporting

  • Queue performance

  • Agent performance

  • Media performance

  • IVR & survey details

Multi-Media Agent Screens

What You Get:

  • Single-agent interface for all types of customer contact

  • Voice/ Phone (PBX)

  • Live Web Chat & Call Back

  • Email

  • SMS 

  • Social Media

  • Interface Configurability


  • Easy for agents to learn

  • Agents can easily manage multiple forms of contact

  • Increased customer engagement through flexible contact  channels

  • Customizable to your business needs

multi media screen showing agents available.

Email & SMS Queue


  • Supports unlimited queues

  • Skill set routing based on address

  • Integrated with ACD queue

  • Historical archive in database

  • Aging and escalation tracking

  • Auto Responder available


  • Increase agent efficiency

  • Decrease long distance costs

  • Easy reporting & tracking 

  • Real-time view of aged messages

  • Messages not lost or forgotten

showing how emails will come into the contact center

What is a Contact Center?

A Contact Center is an evolution of call center functionalities. Over time, your organizations’ needs for customer engagement have likely increased in scope. Previously, customers only had voice channels for real-time communication with your business, so call centers like yours only needed voice capabilities. As your customers’ options for communications expand to email, live chat, and text, we know you need to respond accordingly by offering those same channels as means of modern customer engagement.

  • Agent Client

  • Supervisor Client

  • Reporting

  • Call Recording 

  • Auto Attendant

  • Global Settings

  • Per Call Center/ ACD Settings

  • Omni-Channel Support 

  • Call Flow Builder

  • Dialer

Contact Center (CC) Versions:

  • Standard (Voice Only)

  • Complete (Omni-Channel)

What a Contact Center Offers

showing the features of the call center agents
showing the features of the call center managers

Web & SMS Chat


  • Supports unlimited agents

  • Supports unlimited web sites/pages

  • Integrated with PBX queue

  • Displays estimated wait time

  • Historical archive in database

  • PCI compliant for redaction of data


  • Real-time customer interaction

  • Improved web site experience

  • Increase agent efficiency

showing picture of contact center main screen

Contact Center System Diagram

showing a diagram of how contact centers work

Call Back Queue


  • Integrated with PBX queue

  • Wait time/place in queue

  • Supports unlimited queues

  • Skill set routing based on queue


  • Customers don't have to wait

  • Decreased abandon rates

  • Decreased long distance costs

  • Increase agent efficiency

  • Improved customer experience

what a caller in the queue would look like.

Power & Predictive Dialing


  • Automated messaging

  • Unlimited contacts

  • Unlimited campaigns (events)

  • Unlimited groups (contacts)

  • Do Not Call complaint

  • Sophisticated scheduling

  • Set & forget

  • Dialing windows (time zones)

  • Agent controlled

  • Software only (virtualized)


  • Saves time for outbound calls

  • Notification of new products

  • Increased customer contact

  • Increase sales (via announcements)

what redialing would look like inside the system.

Discover how our communication solutions can increase your productivity and reduce your business costs. 

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