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Intelligent Phone Lines

Why continue to pay for expensive analog telephone lines or traditional PRI service? Telephone companies want to get rid of antiquated voice lines by the year 2022. Replace your existing telephone lines with Smart VoIP Phone Lines, and keep your current telephone system and phone numbers. Our smart business phone lines offer advanced calling features and unprecedented levels of reliability that traditional telephone companies can’t match.

US-TECH’s Cloud smart phone lines are much less expensive and simply a better choice.

  • Less expensive replacement for traditional Analog and PRI service

  •  Keep your existing telephone numbers

  •  US and Canada dialing plan and toll free services

  •  International dialing

  •  99.9% SLA with no incoming call interruptions

  •  Management web portal with real time call statistics

  •  Digital receptionist with voicemail to email

  •  24 hour emergency service

Discover how our communication solutions can increase your productivity and reduce your business costs 

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