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UC Client Application

Our solution comes with an advanced UC Client application.

UC Client application increases productivity and efficiency, making it easier for people to select the best way to initiate, receive, and respond to business communications. Our UC Client application is all about collaboration, boosting productivity, improving customer service, and enabling employees to work. 


Discover how out communication solutions can increase your productivity and reduce your business costs. 

  • Advanced ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) – When a queue call has gone unanswered too long, queue managers can now transfer directly to an available agent, or other team member.

  • Voicemail to Email or Text – Retrieve and review all your voicemail and text’s (SMS) via UC Client.

  • Historical Tracking – Never lose track of important calls, for each call or message made you can view history.

  • Employee Presence Instantly know if colleagues are available or away, and choose the best way to communicate.

  • Drag & Drop – Extends the existing transfer option by allowing users to use simple Drag and Drop functionality.

  • Drag and Drop Calls – Answer a call, join a conference, transfer, park, place a call on hold, or send to voicemail with a simple mouse click.

  • Click-to-Dial – Simply click any phone number in your web browser to dial your US-Tech phone.

  • Tracking and Analytics – Keep track of time and customer accounts with billing allocation for each call. Ability to add notes and flag calls for follow-up.

  • Microsoft Office 365 Integration – Integrate contacts with Outlook contacts.

  • Usage reports – Quickly generate usage reports to increase accuracy in the telecom decision-making processes.

  • Mobility – Communicate no matter where you are, on any device (PC, tablet, smartphone, laptop).

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