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What is a Contact Center?

A Contact Center is an evolution of call center functionalities. Over time, your organizations’ needs for customer engagement have likely increased in scope. Previously, customers only had voice channels for real-time communication with your business, so call centers like yours only needed voice capabilities. As your customers’ options for communications expand to email, live chat, and text, we know you need to respond accordingly by offering those same channels as means of modern customer engagement.

  • Agent Client

  • Supervisor Client

  • Reporting

  • Call Recording 

  • Auto Attendant

  • Global Settings

  • Per Call Center/ ACD Settings

  • Omni-Channel Support 

  • Call Flow Builder

  • Dialer

Contact Center (CC) Versions:

  • Standard (Voice Only)

  • Complete (Omni-Channel)

Discover how our communication solutions can increase your productivity and reduce your business costs. 

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